How does the process work?

First, you will select the type of glitter bomb you would like mailed. We will then collect payment and the address of the receiver. We will send it in a hand written envelope with the glitter carefully sealed. Once they open the package, the contents will rip out of its carefully sealed sleeve spilling glitter all over the room!


Will the recipient know who the sender is?

No! We respect your privacy and will not disclose your information to the receiver. You have the piece of mind knowing that every item shipped out will be sent anonymously.


What is the cost?

The cost involved for the basic glitter bomb is only 9.95.


Why send glitter to someone?

You may have a boss, neighbor, ex, or someone that drives you crazy. Using a reputable and discreet service like MailYourGlitter.com ensures that your information is kept confidential while ruining their day.